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About Unbullyable

NEWS FLASH: Unbullyable has won an International Innovation Award!  The book won the worldwide International Society of Neuro-Semantics Innovation award for 2013.


School Holiday Workshops for Kids:

Empowering Emotions (for Kids) aged 7, 8, & 9   and aged 10, 11 & 12

Tuesday 30th June & Wednesday 1st July in Ballarat.

Unbullyable is now available at Ballarat Books, Collins Booksellers on Sturt, and at the University of Ballarat book shop.

About Sue Anderson

Sue Anderson is a highly sought-after coach, trainer and presenter who coaches privately and within schools and organisations. She has a unique insight into how children and teenagers experience bullying and has worked with hundreds of primary school- and secondary school-aged children affected by bullying, including the targets, bullies, teachers and parents.

Sue grew up in Melbourne, Australia, as the youngest of five children. She travelled to the United States at age eighteen when she won a scholarship to attend university in Boise, Idaho, then returned to Australia to complete her degree at the University of Ballarat. She worked in the fitness, disability and quality assurance industries before gaining her international coaching qualifications in 2007, when she became a Meta-Coach.

Sue began using the cutting-edge methodology of Neuro-Semantics to coach children affected by bullying and was instantly astounded by the results. She has had great success empowering children and teenagers affected by bullying through her unique approach. With only word of mouth to promote them, Sue and her husband Chris Cartledge now run their successful coaching business, Good2gr8 Coaching.

Sue is an ambassador for Brodie’s Law (the Victorian Anti Bullying legislation), a board member for the not-for-profit anti-bullying organisation Angel’s Goal, and has a weekly radio segment on Ballarat’s 3BA. She lives near Ballarat, in Victoria, with her husband and their three gorgeous children.


"(XX) is doing really well. He completed year seven and is now inyear eight. I requested (the bully) not be in his classa gain this year and the school was really helpful in meeting my request. He is in the top 15% of his year level and got an Excellence Award. His report is excellent and he is excelling at music. He has a few new friends and is happier in himself. He is a little bit better socially. He loves the school with its challenges and loves the size of itas (the bully) is no longer in his face day after day.
I just thought I would let you know how he going and I truly believe without you and your support things would be different .
Keep up the good work and I'll keep singing your praise."
Love (xx's Mum) x