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Four Powers for Kids!

Your four personal powers allow you to choose your response to any situation. Use your four personal powers to choose your actions, thoughts, words and feelings. Based on the work of Dr. L. Michael Hall.



Why We Sometimes Go Blank

Have you ever experienced a time when you have gone blank? Maybe someone has put you on the spot? Or you felt uncomfortable or threatened by someone or something? Guess what? You are normal. Your brain is doing exactly what it is meant to do.



The Power to Choose What You Think

You have the power to choose what you think. You can choose the meaning you give to things. No one can make you think anything you don't want to think.





Kids Empowered for Life 

Kids Empowered for Life is a school based program developed by Sue Anderson. It focuses on empowerment, self-esteem, communication, emotions and how to be Unbullyable.